Bamenda facing prolonged Fuel scarcity

Commercial motorcycle riders in Bamenda for the past two days now have increased transport fares in the town.

A distance they previously charged 200fr (€0,31) is today 300 francs. The boys have equally been violating an administrative decision by carrying more than one passenger at the same time.

All these the riders say, are as a result of fuel scarcity in the town of and consequently the need to make profit.

Filling stations that still have fuel have been crowded by both personal cars, township taxis and commercial motorcycles. Besides that, other well to do people have taken containers to filling stations to buy in bulk and save the pains of prolonged scarcity in the town, a city dueller has confirmed.

A taxi driver in a telephone interview talking to Mimi Mefo Info says “…the situation has been bad for the past 48 hours. We the taxi drivers have not increased the fair despite the fact that the scarcity is there. But we will be forced to do so if the situation is not addressed by competent administrative authorities”.

At the moment, the sale of illicit fuel commonly called “Zoa Zoa” is booming. A litter originally sold for 500 francs today costs 700 francs.

A commercial motorcycle has told Mimi Mefo Info that some filling stations are equally selling illicit fuel to satisfy their customers, an allegation that MMI cannot independently confirm.

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