Biya Criticised for Bringing ‘nothing new’ in National Day Speech

“President Paul Biya addressed Cameroonians on May 19th 2020 repeating what has been said and done by members of government in the fight against coronavirus pandemic” says Mbah Raoul, militant of Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM).

The young politician argues that actions taken by members of government and recounted by President Paul Biya in his speech have not yielded fruits evident in the rising number of infected persons and deaths. “Mr Biya went off topic discussing irrelevant topic in context of day of national unity. COVID-19 has nothing to do as to the national unity of this country” he says.

While accepting that coronavirus is a threat to humanity, some Cameroonians regret that before the outbreak of coronavirus in the month of March this year, national unity has long been challenged. In their opinion, the war for the restoration of Ambazonia statehood in the North West and South West Regions since 2016 is a clear indication that the core of national unity has been disintegrated.

“I expected Mr Biya’s speech to be more on measures that will make national unity be a reality in Cameroon”, Mbah Raoul adds.

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