Buea taxi drivers return to work after hold up over molestation of colleague by police

Traffic circulation has returned in Buea. By this same time yesterday, movement was halted by irate drivers after a colleague of theirs was slapped by a police officer.

The driver in question had denied to give the officer a bribe.

Enraged by the action of the policeman, the drivers blocked the road, demanding justice for their colleague.

Denis Mesumbe, SYNTRACAM president said the forces of law and order are compelled to accord the same respect drivers give them on the highway.

“We want respect. We do respect uniform officers and they should do same to taxi drivers.”

“Taxis are our own offices and they feed us and our families… This was just a shut down not a strike and we didn’t destroy anything,” he clarified.

Calling for restraint, the DO for Buea, Abba Abduraman asked that the drivers express their grievances in writing for him to take action.

“We know who has to be at the control post and at what time. The central police station commissioner and I will work it out. We will also pay a visit to the driver who is in hospital,” he said.

While the drivers are back on the streets carrying out their daily activities, some say they still fear little or nothing will be done as this is not the first time authorities are making such a promise.

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