Cabral Libii, Journalists Trade Union Condemn Attack On Ernest Obama In France

Controversial journalist, Ernest Obama was attacked yesterday in Paris, France by members of the Brigade Anti-Sardinarde, BAS.

In a video filmed by the attackers, flour is poured over Ernest Obama and one other as insults are rained on them as they take to their heels seeking cover in a hotel.

To 2018 presidential candidate, Cabral Libii, the attack signifies “hate in all its forms”.

Denis Nkebo, president of the Cameroon National Journalists Trade Union, SNJC has also condemned the move.

” Those that attacked Ernest Obama are terrorists ” he said.

The Vision 4 journalist has been accused of hate speech several times, especially regarding his views on the Anglophone crisis.

Ernest Obama had described Anglophones as rats, urging government to take them out.

He had also been suspended as director of Vision 4 TV last year, accused of embezzlement.

He was said to have created an account in complicity with some of his colleagues in the Littoral, wherein clients made in payments but the money never reached the real bank account of the channel.


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