NUDP Drags CPDM To Court In Buea Over Electoral Fraud Allegations

The legal team of the NUDP party has taken legal action against the CPDM party in the South West region.

The court case, the party says, comes as a result of “vote rigging and manipulation by the CPDM that goes a long way to discredit the roles governing free, fair and transparent elections”.

Talking to The Star Newspaper, NUDP list leader in Idenau, Ngando Peter Molonji said “I’m very convinced we would have won the elections if the military were not brought in at the 11th hour to vote”.

“I equally castigate Elections Cameroon for abetting to such electoral malpractices,” he added, stating that the NUDP plans to give tougher times to the CPDM if the court fails to rule in their favour.”

According to results recorded in Bakingili, home of former Prime Minister Ephraim Inoni, the CPDM got 300 votes against 64 for the NUDP party.

The NUDP’s case against the CPDM is one of several instances of supposed rigging of Sunday’s elections. Several videos and photos have also surfaced online showing electoral malpractices including the stuffing of ballot boxes.


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