Calls heighten for reinstatement of sacked AU Ambassador to US

The African Union has been criticized for terminating the contract of its Ambassador to the US, Dr. Arikana Chihombori Quao.

In a letter dated October 7, AU Chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat explained that the decision to lay her off takes effect from November 1st 2019.
He went on to instruct the Commission’s concerned services to take all measures to facilitate Dr. Arikana’s separation procedures.

“On behalf of the African Union and on my own behalf I wish to express our deep appreciation for your constant commitment to African causes and the great contribution you have made to our continental organization” the letter read.
While the reason for her dismissal has not been stated, many say it is as a result of her stance on several issues concerning Africa.

Ever since Dr. Arikana Chihombori Quao was relieved of her position as African Union ambassador to the United States, several calls have been made for her to be reinstated, including an online petition.

An online petition calling for the reinstatement of Dr. Arikana Chihombori

“She has brought hope to hundreds of millions of African youths who had given up on the AU” one African and human rights activist in the Diaspora, Bovet Maloba noted, adding that she can be compared with the likes of PLO Lumumba and other pan Africanists.

“Just like the whole world has condemned Slavery, Colonialism and many are condemning Neo Colonialism today, In the spirit of Nelson Mandela, Dr Martin Luther king Jr, Ghandi and Eleanor Roosevelt she speaks powerfully against the injustices on the African continent by both Africans and other continents,” he said.

“When Americans speak up against the injustices on their people, they are decorated for their bravery, same goes for Asians and Europeans. It’s only in Africa that a hero will speak for his people and be punished. African Union has produced very few reliable leaders, it’s common knowledge that other continents sponsore the African Union and AU pays back by protecting their interest instead of that of the African continent,” Maloba added.

Despite all she’s done for the continent, “not everyone is embracing her bold but honest discourses for effecting change for the betterment of Africa” the online petition for her reinstatement with thousands of signatures already states.

Appointed in 2016, Dr. Arikana advocated for among other things the urgent establishing of a single currency for Africa. The Doctor and Activist is a first generation immigrant to the United States from Zimbabwe and CEO & Founder of Bell Family Medical Centers in the United States.
She has also criticized the west on several occasions for maintaining neo-colonial policies meant to keep Africa poor.

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