“Major National dialogue was a meeting of French Cameroun citizens to solve their national problems. To us it is a non event” Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Julius, jailed Ambazonian leader

Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Julius has stated that recommendations taken at the major national dialogue and resolutions that will be carried out do not in any way concern the people of Southern Cameroon or Ambazonia Republic.

In an exclusive interview with Jeanne Afrique Magazine of 13th to 19 October 2019, Ayuk Tabe Julius says a special status recommended is not the solution for a people fighting for the restoration of their statehood. “French Cameroun and Southern Cameroon and two former trust territories of the UN and therefore one cannot grant a special status to another. So, Paul Biya does not have the power to grant a special status to the people of Ambazonia”.

In his prison cell at the Kondengui Principal prison in Yaounde, Ayuk Tabe Julius states categorically that the Anglophone problem is not an internal issue and cannot be discussed internally without international mediators. To him, this explains why no citizen of Ambazonia or a representative attended the major national dialogue in Yaounde.

On the question of three hundred and thirty three Anglophones arrested in the course of the crisis released by President Paul Biya, Ayuk Tabe Julius says releasing that number out of over three thousand arrested is insignificant. He calls on ‘La Republic’ to release all those arrested and for Paul Biya to give an account for all those missing and killed by forces he has deployed in the North West and South West regions.

According to Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Julius, the war for the restoration of Ambazonia statehood will only come to an end when President Paul Biya will end the genocide. To him,more than 20.000 persons have been killed since 2016, 280 towns and villages have been burnt,120.000 people are seeking refuge in the Federal Republic of Nigeria with 1 million more people internally displaced in Cameroon.

Beside these figures, the leader of the self proclaimed state of Ambazonia says more than 4.5 million people stand the risk of famine today in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon.
On who is responsible for all these, Ayuk Tabe says military men from La Republic du Cameroon and militiamen men popularly known as “Atanga Nji Boys” have been causing the carnage in the Anglophone regions.

“Since 2016, the destruction in the federal Republic of Ambazonia has been enormous with the international community watching silently” he notes. To Ayuk Tabe, “it is either total independence of Ambazonia or resistance forever”. Drawing inspiration from the success story of Namibia, Eritrea, East Timor, Djibouti and South Sudan, the leader of the restoration of Ambazonia statehood says total independence will be the end result of the struggle.

On the reaction of Ayuk Tabe Julius on the position of Cardinal Tumi in the crisis, he says he respects the opinion of Cardinal Tumi as a spiritual leader.To him, if Cardinal Tumi has chosen not to write his name on the sand of time, he will have the burden to bear. He quotes Bishop Desmond Tutu and other religious leaders in Africa that have championed socio political courses for the interest of the people.

On the life in prison sentence of ten key leaders of the Ambazonia struggle, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Julius says what bothers them is the wellbeing of millions of Southern Cameroonians suffering in the course of the war and not the release of the those sentenced.

Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Julius applauds the release of Professor Maurice Kamto and other militants of his Cameroon Renaissance Movement saying it is against the rule of law to imprison political opponents. He however thinks CRM party can contribute in restoring human rights in La Republic du Cameroun.

He however stresses that politics in La Republic du Cameroon does not concern the people of Ambazonia.

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