EU hails release of Kamto & co, calls for respect of human rights

The European Union has lauded the recent release of Maurice Kamto and several other political prisoners, and has reiterated its call for the respect of human rights in the Anglophone regions.

This is contained in a press release bearing 8 conclusions on Cameroon arrived at by the EU Council. Concerning the just ended national dialogue, “the EU calls for this process to be continued in order to develop responses to meet the population’s legitimate expectations, while encouraging the involvement of all those concerned both inside the country and from the diaspora, including women, young people and civil society” it reads.

In relation to human rights, it cited the aspect of lack of access to justice as well as a fair trial, calling in authorities to amend the current situation.

“The EU will continue to call on Cameroon’s authorities and institutions to act in a proportionate manner, while respecting the obligations stemming from Cameroon’s Constitution and the international treaties and conventions on human rights to which Cameroon has subscribed”

With several forms of violence prevailing in the English speaking regions due to the crisis, the EU notes that almost 42.000 are living in Nigeria as refugees and over half a million in other parts of the country as internally displaced persons.

Emphasizing that violence is not the answer to the crisis, the EU stated that it will remain a committed partner to the economic development and stability if Cameroon.

“The EU will remain committed to addressing the humanitarian needs of the populations affected and reiterates the importance of ensuring safe and unhindered humanitarian access to the entire country” it added.

The UE’s call regarding human rights come following the release of several political prisoners by the head of state, a move many say is not enough as several others including scholar Abdul Karim are still held in detention centers across the country.

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