“CAMAIR-CO Plane Could Be Legitimate Target”: Ayah Paul

Barrister Ayah Paul Abine has asserted that the decision to attack a CAMAIR-CO plane could possibly be legitimate.

Even though the law is very clear that noncombatants (civilians) and civilian facilities are absolutely protected during armed conflicts, Ayah states that it is just a “blanket statement subject to several exceptions”.

“Civilian facilities do become legitimate targets when those civilian facilities such as “vessels, aircraft, vehicles and buildings contain combatants, military equipment or supplies; [or] where [such facilities are] used for military purposes” the legal mind states.

Explaining that he doesn’t necessarily mean the plane attack at Bafut was legitimate, “what we are asserting, without fear of any legal contradiction, is that, if the attacker had evidence that the plane was on a military mission – carrying combatants, military equipment or supplies or it was being used otherwise for military purposes, then, of course, the plane was a legitimate target!” He said.

“Those involved in blanket condemnations, and the naming of the attackers even before any investigation has opened, do best know the foundation of their conclusions.

On the contrary, they could well be making political declarations and NOT legal affirmations” he went on, challenging “whosoever to prove the contrary or even just contradict our legal position”.

Ambazonian diaspora leaders have since claimed responsibility for the attack though no human life was lost.

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