Cameroon: Amnesty International demands justice for victims of extrajudicial killings

Two women and their two babies were killed by the Cameroonian military in the Far North region in 2015. The video only went viral on the social media in July 2018.
After several investigations and examinations carried out by Amnesty International, the government of Cameroon after an early denial arrested seven of her military men.

The seven soldiers are today Tuesday August 27, 2019 appearing at the military tribunal in Yaounde. In a message published by Amnesty International branch for Central and West Africa Monday August 26, 2019, the International Human rights organization insists that soldiers arrested should be prosecuted.
“No army responsible for atrocities against civilians should not escape prosecution and reparations for victims and their love ones.”
The soldiers are appearing in Court on charges of joint participation in murder, breach of regulations and conspiracy.
To Amnesty International, the shooting to death of the two women and their babies in the Far North Region of Cameroon shows the extent to which human rights violation in the forms of torture, extrajudicial killings and outright maltreatment has been committed in the course of fighting against element of the Islamic sect Boko Haram.

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