Cameroon: Government launches campaign to repatriate more Anglophones from Nigeria.

Cameroonians in the Federal Republic Nigeria seeking refuge as a result of the ongoing separatist conflict have been urged to “fill the plane” and return to Cameroon by the end of January 2020. The call includes those who travelled for other activities.

A source in Lagos Nigeria says officials of the Cameroon embassy in Abuja during a meeting in Lagos have been explaining to Cameroonians the intention of the Biya government to see many Cameroonians repatriated by the end of this month. The move is aimed at ” showing the world that peace has returned to the north-west region of Cameroon,” a source explained.

On the bases of anonymity, a Cameroonian based in Lagos told Mimi Mefo Info that “…they call us every day saying we should be prepared to come back to Cameroon with or without a passport. They said the government will give us two hundred thousand francs CFA each and rent us houses in Yaounde to live. For me am afraid this may be a trick to arrest some anglophones. The truth is I can’t go back to my village in Lebialem division because there is still tension there.”

Our source equally affirms that many Cameroonians fleeing conflict in the North West and South-West regions are sleeping on the streets in Lagos, Abuja, Jos and other towns in cross river state of Nigeria.

On the 30th of December 2019, some over eighty Cameroonians from Nigeria were repatriated among them some ex-fighters like ‘General’ Nambere.

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