Jailed Ambazonian leaders file complaint, say their lives are being threatened

Jailed Ambazonian leader, Ayuk Tabe and others have raised an alarm over threats on their lives.

In a letter signed by Tabe and 19 others, they cite a recent break into their cell. The prisoners that were recently brought in from other prisons they say made away with their food stuff.

“They tampered with our foodstuff and made away with 400.000FCFA (672US Dollars)” it reads.

Despite haven identified the culprits, the Ambazonian leaders say “absolutely nothing has been done to the culprits and they are still among the population gleefully spending the stolen money”.

Stating that they find the situation “very disturbing”, they believe “it is obvious that robbery is part of a bigger and more diabolical plan”.

“Given the current situation, we hereby complain to you as we will other suitable institutions and organisations with higher standards and proven commitment to human dignity and the security of the person” they end.

Following the series of challenges faced by the jailed leaders, many say it is part of government plan to continue punishing them.

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