Cameroon: Group of PhD holders roll out measures to help curb spread of coronavirus

An association of PhD holders working in the ministries of basic,secondary and higher education is calling for a two week complete shutdown of the cities of Douala and Yaounde in Cameroon to curb the spread of coronavirus.

In a 14 page document, the association says the cities of Douala and Yaounde are the epicenters of coronavirus in Cameroon and therefore shutting down the cities will permit the state to fish out all cases of infected persons and consequently safe the rest of the country.

In the domain of communication, the association applauds the Minister of Communication and the Prime Minister and public private media houses for a great job in the process of sensitisation.

Despite this, the PhD holders say a lot needs to be done for all Cameroonians to know the dangers of the virus and definitely take preventive measures.

How to keep the morals of health workers that are at the frontline of the war against coronavirus, the group is proposing the putting in place of a psychological counseling unit for heath personel. To them, the unit should have a toll free number where health workers can get proper advice and encouragements on how to stay safe while treating patients with the virus.
With continuous closure of schools for two weeks today, the PhD holders have called for a proper encouragement of e-learning. This can only be a reality when the cost of internet in Cameroon is subsidised by the government and effective supply of electricity in Cameroon.
On the situation of overcrowded prison cells in Cameroon, the group says proper medical care should be given to prison warders who move in and out of the prisons. Besides, food and water from the public to the prisoners should be checked properly.

The intellectuals have equally noticed with dismay that thirteen preventive measures put in place by the government are not fully respected by the population for one reason. They evaluate that government did not think of accompanying assistance to the population before putting in place the measures. For instance, transporters in Cameroon by threatening to embark on an indefinite strike is a clear indication that a transport measure taken does not favour them and their families.
Washing of hands with clean water and soap remains one of the measures government have been calling on people to respect. The association questions why some quarters remain without water for several weeks despite the fact that water remains indispensable in the fight against coronavirus.
Reacting to the fact that some Cameroonians from the diaspora escaped from hotels where they were quarantined, Dr. Yimbu Emmanuel Nchia, lectuer at the University of Buea and one of the leaders of the association says “The government cannot quarantine people in hotels without proper medical facilities and without financial support. Some of them escaped because of the poor quarantine conditions. Hotels don’t have appropriate medical equipments to handle the situation of infected cases”.
The proposals have been submitted at the Presidency, Prime Minister’s office, Ministry of public health and at the legislative arm of government.

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