Cameroon Journalists Trade Union wants the corpse of Samuel Wazizi

Cameroon Journalists Trade Union (SNJC)is calling for the creation of a national commission of enquiry to investigate and throw more light on the death of journalist Samuel Wazizi while in military detention in Yaounde.

The trade union regrets that the government of Cameroon is making no effort to bring justice on the Wazizi affair one month after his death was officially announced by Cameroon ministry of defense.

In a release signed by the President Denis Nkwebo, “President Paul Biya promised an investigation but nothing has been done. Instead, government have been telling lies about the death of Wazizi and threatening journalists that are asking for the truth and respect of the rights of the journalist.”

SNJC is of the sad opinion that journalist Samuel Wazizi died in detention and the pain is not yet over, and government has confisticated the corpse. Cameroon journalists trade union says the action of the government is intentional.That is, to wipe out evidence of torture and other forms of corporal punishment meted on the journalist before his death on the 17th of August 2019 according the ministry of defense.

“Cameroon journalist trade union denounces the confistication of the corpse of Samuel Wazizi.” Despite this, SNJC says it has testimonies on the tragic death of Samuel Wazizi and thus the trade union won’t rest until the body of Wazizi is found.
To reinforce the quality of journalism in Cameroon, SNJC has created a national council of ethics and deontology. The body is to monitor the professional practice of journalism.
Some journalists have questioned if the body has the powers to sanction defaulters given that not all journalists in Cameroon are members of the trade union.

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