Masters student Murdered in Soa-Yaounde

A Private Law student at the University of Yaounde II in Soa, near Yaounde, Cameroon’s political capital whose name we got as Celestine Nga Akoa, has been murdered.

She was reportedly killed on the evening of July 1st, as she returned from Yaounde town, where she had been for a while with her mother.

A neighbour of the young girl who was part of the crew that transported the victim to the local health center in Soa testified that Celestine was stabbed two times in her clavicular hollow and her left wrist.

“Clotted blood balls were coming out of her mouth and nostrils when she was taken to the hospital. She was barely breathing when we took her to the doctor” he recounted.

It has not yet been established who her murderers are and for what reason she was killed.

It is said that the victim was attacked few metres from the gate of her Hostel, “BERTA” which is located behind the campus of the University.

While on the scene of the crime, the police were able to recover some of the assailant’s belongings that included a pair of slippers and purple gloves.

Investigations have been opened by the police as to identify who the assailants are and how they could be apprehended.

Pending the results of the findings, the body of the young student, the only daughter of her mother has been kept at the Yaounde Central Hospital mortuary.

Unconfirmed reports suggest, the murderers of Celestine who is said to be in her early thirties might have been settling scores.

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