Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria accuse UN of ‘suspicious silence’ on killings in Anglophone regions, poor treatment

Over one thousand five hundred Cameroonian refugees living in Ajasso, Ekobatai, Abokem Waterfall and Abia local government areas in the Federal Republic of Nigeria have criticized the United Nations for playing ‘a suspicious silent role’ in the face of bloodshed and total misery in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

To mark 2019 world refugee day today June 20th, asylum seekers in Cross River State of Nigeria have blamed the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) for neglecting refugees from Cameroon living in different locations in Nigeria.

According to the spokesperson of Cameroonian refugees living in Ajasso, Abokem Waterfall, Abia and Ekobatai in Nigeria, after three years of taking refuge in Nigeria, they have received very little assistance from UNHCR.

Besides that, the refugees accuse United Nations high commission for refugee of collecting huge sums of money from donors in the name of assisting refugees, yet enriching themselves to the detriment of the suffering asylum seekers.

To the refugees, contrary to promises made by UNHCR on the training and empowerment of refugees to self-sustain themselves, nothing has been done in that direction. They complain how they still go about in Nigeria carry out odd jobs jut to feed.

On how the over one thousand five hundred refugees are feeding, they attest that its one year since UNCHR offered food stuffs to these communities. A situation they say has reduced them to beggars. They have also blamed the UNCHR for offering few mattresses to the refugees.

In the face of all these, they plead to the Secretary General to champion the process of resolving the crisis in Cameroon to ensure peace for their safe return.

The refugees believe the restoration of Southern Cameroon will soon be a reality.
Today June 20th is World refugee day. This day, people are called upon to assist people forced out of their country, due to natural or human factors.

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