Soldiers Free Commuters, six cars held along Wum-Bamenda Road -Amba fighters speak out!

The over 40 persons and six cars ambushed by Ambazonia fighters June 19, 2019 around Mile 24 Bamenda, have been taken back to Wum.

They were released and later driven back to Wum by Soldiers of the National Defence forces.

The six vehicles that left Wum in Menchum Division, North West Region of Cameroon early this Wednesday June 19, 2019 to Bamenda chief town of the region.

It should be recalled that the Wum-Befang- Bafut stretch of road has not been passable for about one year as a result of heightened insecurity.
Users say the road was blocked by suspected Amazonian fighters as the conflict in North West and South West deepens further.

How the incident happened:

As reported by Veteran Journalist, Kum Leonard, one out of the vehicles that left Wum yesterday actually made it to Bamenda in the night. Those who were taken hostage are said to all have been released and are trekking through the Bafut forest now to Bamenda

They stopped around Mile 24 when they got gun shots across the Mezam river by pro-independence fighters. Three of the drivers alongside some passengers moved towards the direction of the fighters to engage in a negotiation so that they could continue the journey to Bamenda.

The travellers were taken hostage at that point and ferried across the river Mezam on canoes to the village where they were copiously beaten.

We hear a mother with a six months old baby was among.

The driver who stayed back took off with some passengers and drove to the point where a military camp is pitched along that stretch. They managed their way to Bamenda through Bafut safely.

Many mothers took to dancing along that stretch yesterday, when they finally saw vehicles once again plying the road. Their joy was soon to be overwhelmed by the unfortunate hostage incident, involving their own.

Ambazonia fighters speak out:
The hostage taking is said to have been carried out by the British Southern Cameroons Resistance Force, BSCRF.

The fighters say: “La Republique du Cameroun soldiers stationed in Wum are now using civilians as human shield.
“Passengers from Wum where enticed by LRP soldiers to violate the ghost town of today 19 June.
“The convoy of passengers local passengers where turned back between Mile 24 and Mile 25 by the BSCRF, the terrorist forces of La Republique Du Cameroun stormed the area to ambush the BSCRF, the ambush failed as the passengers had alerted the resistance forces. The BSCRF ambushed the retreating terrorist soldiers who suffered heavily. 18 were fatally shot by the BSCRF.
We want to inform the world that the passengers where not kidnapped as announce by La Republique Du Cameroun but where giving safe passage back to Wum in other to avoid being caught in the crossfire.

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