Cameroonians Dissatisfied with Cost of CICAM Face Masks

Cameroon’s textile company CICAM has made available reusable face masks, selling them at 1300 francs cfa a piece. The masks it says can be washed and used 15 times.

The company explains that the tissue used for the production of the face masks meets standard and adequately protects people from coronavirus. 1.300F as the cost of each of the face masks from CICAM has divided many Cameroonians.

In a tweet posted by Anne Feconde Noah, spokesperson of Hon. Cabral Libii, President of the PCRN party, she says CICAM should not use the health situation to make profits.

The politician explains that at a time government is convincing Cameroonians to wear masks and protect themselves, increasing the price to 1300 francs is uncalled for.

At the moment, many Cameroonians still opt for cheaper local masks produced by tailors in quarters.

As part of preventive measures taken against the coronavirus, everyone in Cameroon is compelled to make use of a face mask in public at all times.

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