Canal 2 International TV sends over 60 staff on technical leave

The financial weight of coronavirus pandemic in enterprises in Cameroon is having a toll on one of Cameroon’s leading private media organ, Group TV Plus.

A source at Canal 2 TV says “Sixty five workers have been sent on technical leave by the administration. They were told that the financial situation is not the best and will be called to work as soon as the situation improves”.

To one of the workers sent on technical leave, ” We will be receiving half of what we earn a month during this period. It is an ugly situation but we understand that the global health crisis has ravaging effects on enterprises like the media that depends mostly on the good health of companies to survive “.

Though workers continue braving the odds and reporting the spread of coronavirus pandemic in Cameroon, many work from home spending few hours in the office to minimise chances of contracting coronavirus.

Beside Canal 2 International, some enterprises especially in the domain of tourism and hospitality have temporarily shutdown with all workers on technical leave.

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