Revealing: Woman accuses soldiers of rape during raid in Bafut

Days after soldiers ended a raid in the locality of Bafut in the North West region, locals are still facing a lot of challenges as a result of the weeklong exercise.

Many families in the area are mourning their love ones that were killed and others regretting their property destroyed, or looted by the soldiers.

An old woman is currently in hospital in Bafut after falling victim to the soldiers during their last raid in the village.

In a video showing her in hospital, the lady in question testifies that she was sexually abused by soldiers during the raid.

Resident in Mankwi, one of the areas invaded by the soldiers, Linda (not real name) says she was raped by two military men who got into her house during one of their operations as they moved from one house to another.

Despite bleeding after the traumatising encounter, Linda stayed home for a day as she was helpless and unable to seek medical attention.

She was only saved by some men who noticed her agony while passing by before taking her to a hospital where she is receiving medical care.

The old woman’s accusation sheds more light on malpractices by soldiers, a common experience in the North West and South West regions.

During last week’s raid, locals of Bafut said in addition to the killing of seven people, the soldiers also carried out random searches breaking into houses and carting away whatever they found valuable.

Government however held that those killed were separatist fighters in the operation carried out by Defense Forces of the 5th Joint Military Region. Arms and ammunition government adds were seized.

Happening a few weeks after the Ngarbuh massacre carried out by members of the Cameroon armed forces, the incident not only brings into question the professionalism of the military as claimed by top officials, but also government’s sincerity in seeking a longlasting solution to the crisis.

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