Clergy, traditional authorities commit Kumba to God

Religious,traditional rulers, Christian and Muslim faithful have called on God to take control over Kumba Town and the entire Meme Division in the South West Region Cameroon .

In an ecumenical service Saturday June 27th 2020 bringing together Christians from different denominations, they prayed for eternal peace.

Speaking at the service, his royal highness Nfon Victor Mukete, Paramount traditional ruler emeritus of the Bafaw community said “This land belongs to God. Let all those who live here preach and practice peace for the prosperity of all.”

Nfon Victor Mukete used the opportunity to once again bless his son Ekoko Mukete, the new paramount ruler of the Bafaws he named recently.

To his HRH Nfon Victor Mukete “My decision of choosing my successor while am still alive is to prevent trouble and hatred when I travel beyond. He knows the palace well. Christ Jesus should will be his guide.”

Holding under the theme “Peace, Peace and Peace”, different preachers took turns to preach about how evil has befallen the town of Kumba since 2016 when the anglophone crisis started.

The men of God rededicated the land to God to take control.

Kumba, it should be noted, has been one of the hot spots of the anglophone crisis with regular attacks carried out by separatist fighters.

Preachers of the ecumenical service have stated that after rededicating the land of Kumba to God today, perpetrators of disorder and insecurity will face the wrath of God.

Political commentators say the move has a political undertone. That is, to appease the land ahead of an eminent visit of leaders of the presidential reconstruction plan of the anglophone regions to the South West region in the days ahead.

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