Dozens arrested in crackdown on Yaounde Anglophone residential areas

There has been a police crackdown in some parts of Cameroon’s capital, Yaounde. Residents of some predominantly Anglophone areas like Obili, in the city where President lives were targeted.

Dozens were arrested within the course of the day and are still being held in detention, MMI has learnt.

“From the early hours of today up till now, the entire Obili neighbourhood is surrounded by a heavy team of policemen, gendarme officers and military officers. Every house is being searched” a source tells MMI.

“The roads from Carrefour Obili leading to Biyemassi blocked as well as that leading to Chapel Obili. We advised that no one should be at any point in time be without his/her valid identification documents” he adds.

Today’s routine checks come after two locally made bombs exploded in the capital days back. Defense authorities had ordered for systematic and unannounced checks to fish out any suspects who could in anyway be linked to the attack.

The aftermath of the explosion has however not been made public yet but Yaounde is currently under high security alery as debates over who to succeed 86-year-old Paul Biya animates the national scene.

Obilli and Biyemassi, it should be recalled which have been targets of today’s raids are predominantly Anglophone residential areas.

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