“Coronavirus is an evil disease from the pit of hell” – Yaounde Archbishop

The present health crisis context has imposed a topic for preaching today May 21st 2020 to mark the feast of ascension.

His Grace Jean Mbarga has described the Coronavirus pandemic as “an evil disease from the kingdom of darkness aimed at inflicting pains on the children of God”.

Preaching today in Yaounde to mark the feast of ascension, the archbishop of Yaounde stated categorically that people should sincerely seek a permanent solution to the health crisis from God through prayers.

Though the prelate challenged people to call God for intervention, Archbishop Jean Mbarga acknowledges the great work of health workers in treating Coronavirus patients.

As concern Jesus’ ascension to heaven, the spiritual leader of the diocese preaching in French, English and Ewondo languages called on Christians to be ready for the second coming of Christ by respecting the teachings of God.

The feast of ascension is celebrated 40 days after Jesus’ resurrection; easter.

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