Detained Barrister Shufai’s Health Condition Worsened As A Result of Abuse by Warders, Lawyers Say

Separatist leader, Barrister Shufai Blaise is currently at the Yaounde military hospital. He was rushed there after being sick for days at the Kondengui prison where he and other separatist leaders are serving their jail terms.

His legal counsel says he has been experiencing chest pains in addition to his earlier ailments.

“He developed the pains as a result of the tussle he had with the prison guards who exerted all their weights on his chest before chaining him to his sickbed on the night of May 19, 2020.”

While the superintendent of the Yaoundé Principal Prison in Kondengui has expressed remorse, the lawyers maintain that he is the cause. They had earlier accused him of attempting to send Barrister Shufai back to prison when the results of his laboratory tests were not released yet.

Before the inmate was rushed to the hospital, his lawyers say he, like other sick inmates, had been administered medication without any diagnoses.

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