Covid-19: Cameroon National Order of Doctors calls for respect of patients’ privacy

The National Order of Doctors of Cameroon has raised concerns regarding the disclosure of patients’ health statuses in the COVID-19 outbreak.

Condemning the non-respect of medical confidentiality by administrative authorities in a press release, the body says “respect for medical confidentiality is an inalienable right of the patient and must be preserved in all circumstances to avoid stigmatisation of the affected person, their family, their property”.

In the release by Dr. Guy Sanjon, President of the National Order of Doctors of Cameroon, the union appreciates government efforts to combat the virus describing them as ” energetic”.

The National Order of medical Doctors “also recalls that its members are with the government and there is an obligation not to abandon the sick even in case of danger” the release states.

Still in relation to combatting coronavirus, Doctor Guy Sanjon said it is essential for the government to “devote particular attention to the nursing staff, ensuring all the conditions enabling them to carry out their mission effectively.”

Cameroon has over a thousand coronavirus cases, one of the highest in Africa. With almost all regions affected, the government has extended and added a series of preventive measures put in place last month.


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