COVID-19: Hon. Joshua Osih wants travel restriction into Cameroon for European Union countries

Hon. Joshua Osih has called on President Paul Biya to temporally ban visitors coming from the Schengen countries ( in Europe) from entering Cameroon.

He said the move is an attempt to give a corresponding response to a similar decision taken by the Schengen area.

In a message published Monday June 29, 2020, the parliamentarian from Wouri Centre constituency in the Littoral region of Cameroon said:

“As a Member of Parliament, I call on the President of the Republic to take his responsibilities and enforce or cause to be enforced the sacrosanct diplomatic principle of reciprocity vis-à-vis the countries of Schengen area. The President of the Republic has a duty to take up his responsibilities and impose our sovereignty”.

Member countries of the Shengen area, it should be said, had decided that nationals of certain countries in the world including Cameroon are prohibited from entering their territory.
They say the decision is to prevent new importation of coronavirus. To them, the list of countries will be updated after every 15 days.

Responding to the decision, Hon. Joshua Osih wrote: “We cannot be victims of a virus introduced to us from the Schengen area and pay the price of its consequences”
“Worst still, these countries act as if they have lessons to give when they should have humbly put themselves in synergy with our local actors to better manage the COVID 19 crisis in order to save lives in the Schengen area and in Cameroon. This is unacceptable,” added the opposition lawmaker.

The Schengen area is made up of some countries that have important socio-economic and political relationships with Cameroon like France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland.

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