CRM Party Uncovers Plans To “Assassinate” Maurice Kamto

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement Political Party says it’s has “uncovered a ploy to assassinate” the National President of the party professor Maurice Kamto, by what the party describes as “Biya regime extremists”.

In a document released by the secretary general of the party, the CRM recalled some revelations made by Maurice Kamto, during his November 25, 2019 press conference in Yaounde.

Maurice Kamto while announcing the boycott of the February 9th, 2020 municipal and legislative elections by his CRM party, revealed plans to assassinate him, Christian Penda Ekoka, Albert DZONGANG and some party big wigs and allies.

The leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Political Party and President Paul Biya’s main Challenger at the October 7th, 2018 Presidential Election in Cameroon also indicated that his party has uncovered an evil plan by members of the Biya regime to re-arrest him on a false accusations of the importation of arms.

In this latest document, the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Political Party, demands Cameroonians in and out of the country to be vigilant. The party also concluded the Biya regime is also mapping plans to eliminate Maurice Kamto during his visit to France

The CRM says the conspiracy is done with material and logistics support from the Cameroon Embassy in France.

Maurice Kamto will be on a European tour in the days ahead, but the party failed to disclose the security dispositions taken to protect him.

This is a developing story!

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