Mamfe inhabitants confused, frightened after stores go up in flames

Some stores around the Catholic Church junction in Mamfe, South West region of Cameroon were engulfed by flames Friday night. This has left divided opinions as inhabitants try to figure out the exact cause of the incident.

Residents say the incident was followed by sporadic gunshots last night in the area. Talking to MMI, a source said “some were trying to quench the fire but others out of fear could not step out”.

While some say the act might have been carried out by suspected Ambazonian fighters in retaliation to the non respect of ghost town, others debunked the claims citing poor electric connections.

The fire broke out last night

Mamfe has for a long time, been a hotspot for clashes between Ambazonian fighters and Government forces in the armed conflict that degenerated following the escalation of the Anglophone Crisis.

Passersby observe the damage done by the fire

Like in several parts of the North West and South West regions, these clashes have left many dead and hundreds of thousands seeking shelter in the bushes, Nigeria and Francophone Cameroon.

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