Daddy David reveals success secrets in new book

A newly released book, titled “I will Rebuke the Devourer for thy sake” is currently making waves within Christian circles in Cameroon.

Authored by Daddy David, the piece of work dwells on key aspects of the Christian life, including tithing which is a deterrence to adversarial intrusion, and an insurance against satanic encroachment. The intriguing book also explains how it additionally births in a believer the capacity to detect divinity, thus enhancing a their discernment and spiritual sensitivity.

The work also focuses on what the author terms the 6-D related benefits of tithing namely:
*How your Tithe affects your discernment.
*How Tithing procures you Deliverance.
*The effect of tithing on your descendants.
*How Tithing demolishes debts.
*How your Tithe engages God to rebuke the devourer.
*And Tithing as a Doctrine of faith.

Apart from being available for pre-order at & Kindle at $9.99, readers in Cameroon can purchase a copy via MTN mobile money [671716473, 678264205] and get the ebook copy by Whatsapp or Messenger.Paperback prints will also be made available in the near future.

About the Author:

Born Ottop David Esengwo, Daddy David is the first student to have a first class degree in political science in Cameroon, from the University of Buea and is currently undertaking a masters there too.

The Pastor of Believers In Christ Family Ministries Int’l (BICFAMI), in Buea writes from not only his experience but is inspired by divine wisdom and coordination. Get a copy today and you won’t regret.

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