Ernest Obama’s Case: “I will have him condemned” Groupe Anecdote boss, Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga

Ernest Obama may have been set free from the shackles of the military but that certainly hasn’t changed anything as his former boss is still determined to teach the journalist his lesson. He has vowed to make Ernest Obama amongst all other charges pay for the gross mismanagement and embezzlement of the funds of the Groupe Anecdote when he was the Director General of Vision 4 Television.

The journalist is very far from being out of trouble with his former employer. He spent eight days in detention at SED Yaoundé after being ordered to be released by Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga. It has emerged that the Groupe Anecdote boss during a meeting at the Television headquarters in Nsam Yaoundé with personnel of its three structures, Satellite FM, L’Anecdote and Vision 4, the boss stated that he will do everything to make Ernest Obama pay for the mismanagement and the embezzlement of funds of the Anecdote Group.

“The crime will not go unpunished… I will have him condemned. If I do not do it, then it means he didn’t understand anything. No lesson learnt… the reason why I had him released was for people in prison not to harass him and to say ‘there is another Bibi Ngota’” declared the Groupe Anecdote boss.

Few days after Ernest Obama was freed, another journalist from the same media house, Bruno Bidjang was reportedly suspended, arrested and detained, although the reasons for the arrest of Bruno Bidjang are still largely obscure. It has also been realised that it is not the first time that Bruno Bidjang is being suspended from the media house as he had previously been suspended and recalled at least twice.

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