Faces behind so called repentant Amba boys uncovered

There were about thirty of them, boys and girls, parading the rostrum of the Yaounde Conference Centre, this September 30, 2019.
Few hours to the opening ceremony of the national dialogue, they were presented on a government propaganda social media platforms as former Ambazonian fighters.

“They are now starting a new life after violence. Whether you like it or not, deradicalising and disarming them, is the best way to end the circle of violence,” the message posted on the pro-government platform (mkpd) said.

On the pictures brandished on social media, are two boys from Kompina, a locality in Bonalea, Moungo Division of Cameroon’s French speaking Littoral region .

The supposed Amba repentant on the left is called Neba Christopher, while the one on the right is Tah Desmond Neba.
“They are all residents of Kompina CDC amp 1 and Gare Kompina. They are brothers. Born and raised in Kompina. They are not even in the anglophone regions. I know then very well,” a source told Mimi Mefo Info on the basis of anonymity.

“Christopher is the elder brother of Desmond, their mother is of late and hails from Bameta,” our source continued.

“Amba boys” at the Yaounde Conference Centre

Few months ago, the disarmament committee was created to disarm Ambazonian fighters and reintegrate them to society, several unanswered questions have emerged when repentant Ambazonian fighters go public. It has since claimed several individuals have left the bushes and dropped their arms to be reintegrated into society.

Government officials have since made several calls for more fighters in the Anglophone regions to toe the line.

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