Lawyers apply for habeas corpus, call for immediate release of Abdul Karim

Days after the disappearance of Abdul Karim, Barristers Ayukotang Ndep and Fonka Tomnyuy have applied for Habeas Corpus asking that he be produced.

The application demands that Abdul Karim Ali be produced before the judge for immediate release because of the many illegalities surrounding his abduction and incarceration at SED.

“His captors whisked him away without informing any family member” they stated.
“The petitioner (Abdul)” they added “who has never been summoned to a detention facility has been allegedly tortured and is suffering untold psychological trauma”. Access to the scholar they noted has also since been denied.

Abdul Karim Ali has been held incommunicado for five days now. Lawyers say his arrest is illegal.

The Muslim scholar who is a strong critic of the Biya regime was arrested on Wednesday September 25, 2019, after a meeting at the Swiss Embassy. The arrest that came hours to the ongoing national dialogue in Yaounde has been largely criticised with many saying it depicts bad faith on the side of the government. The Swiss Embassy is yet to react.

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