Family says authorities destroying evidence against D.O. who murdered their daughter

As the D.O. for Lokoundjie in the Ocean Division in the South region stays in detention for the murder of his girlfriend and University student Lydienne, the family of the girl has come out in strong criticism of the handlers of the D.O.’s case as the accused them of trying to destroy the evidence that may show the real cause of their daughter’s death.

They have complained that the D.O.’s house like every other crime scene was not sealed by the forces of law and order.

They believe the facts and pieces of evidences on the murder of Lydienne have been intentionally wiped out as the open house has given the leeway for unknown individuals to wipe the blood stains on the murder scene. They made these remarks yesterday during the process to constitute the facts of their daughter Lydienne.

Lydienne was killed by the D.O. for Lokoundjie some few days back in what the latter says was completely accidental.

Installed just about three weeks ago, the young administrator is currently under detention at the gendarmerie for investigations. The body of Lydienne has been deposited at the Kribi District hospital.

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