Fon Noel Che: An upcoming digital marketer, blogger to look out for

Just like the motivational quote says, “Those who say it can’t be done shouldn’t disturb those doing it.” Fon Noel Che is one of those Cameroonians who has been able to tactfully blend talent and skills to forge ahead a career and profession from his passion.

He holds a degree from the Advanced School of Mass Communication (ASMAC) Yaoundé with a professional degree in Advertising and Information Science.

After acquiring knowledge in design, he got into the professional field, by creating an Advertising Agency called: the Disruption Agency and a blog, Prodigy’s Blog.

He uses both platform as virtual gateways for Advertising, Digital Marketing and e-related activities. He has been nicknamed as a child prodigy projected with his varied skills. He is also perceived as a blogger, advertiser, writer, designer , brander, proponent under the big umbrella of a digital marketer.

Prodigy’s Blog is an entertainment website with a cross section of multi-faceted rubrics.

It also rojects Cameroon’s entertainment and fashion industries in a positive light.

The Disruption Agency is an advertising/consulting agency which operates both online and offline. It accompanies products and services for brand awareness and brand visibility, campaign strategies, product idea, communication strategies, creative strategies, digital marketing and graphics design.

You can reach out to us for services through the following channels.

Blog website

Facebook: @prodigysblog

Instagram: @Prodigys_Blog
Twitter: @blog_prodigy

+(237) 6791 35573 Donate

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