Four Killed In Shootout At Nchouboh Tuesday

Yesterday Tuesday September 3, 2019 in Nchouboh, a locality in Bamenda II Council, four corpses were found after intense crossfire between soldiers and armed men.

Mimi Mefo info learnt that the four corpses were still lying along the streets in the Nchouboh neighbourhood – two at the main junction and the other two at the junction going to the Bamenda II Council this morning.

“Onlookers can’t identify any of them. Some are saying it’s like these guys were transported and killed here just to instigate fear in the people living in this area, but the people here have never seen a thing like this. There is fear that many soldiers went down in Tuesday’s fighting,” a local said.

Nchouboh has been a battle area between the military and amba boys recently.

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