Over a dozen bandits who attacked a Douala neighbourhood arrested

Calm has returned to the Nouvelle Route Bessengue neighborhood, with 14 members of a gang apprehended by a mixed element of Police and Gendarmerie officer.

Mimi Mefo info can now confirmed that the explosive-like sound and smoke come from tear gas used by forces of law and order to disperse the angry population. The aggrieved crowd were about to render mob justice on the group of bandits before security forces intervened.

The gang of about 30 young men attacked several persons in the early hours of today in of Akwa and Bessengue, Douala, Cameroon.

A victim in Akwa told Mimi Mefo info that the bandits in a group of about thirty, pretended to be on a sporting exercise, seizing phones, money and other valuable items from victims along the road.

The immediate arrival of the police to the crime scene followed an alert from victims.
The bandits were tracked down and encircled at Nouvelle Route Bessengue. Fourteen finally arrested by forces of law and order.

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