Frequent unannounced power outages in Meiganga as students prepare for end of course exams

Students of Meiganga in the Adamawa region say authorities have disregarded their worries of persistent power cuts.

The area hosting thousands of students and pupils has again been plunged into darkness barely few weeks after electricity was briefly restored.

A student in the School of Geology and Mining Engineering university of Mbere, Ngaoundere says: “after we went for 13 days with no lights, here comes another week. Tomorrow will make another week with us in the dark here in Meiganga”.

The students add that this comes at a time when students are preparing both for their examinations.

“There was no public announcement that the light will go out for a week” a worried student says.

Frequent powercuts are not uncommon in other parts of Cameroon – though the close to 40-year-old Biya government has always promised to private water and electricity to citizens during campaigns.

Students had earlier expressed worries that the power cuts had also led to an increase in theft in the area.

Authorities are yet to react to the complaints.

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