“A great step in the right direction” – Ayah Paul on Anglophone ceasefire talks

The now retired Magistrate has added his voice in support of the purported on going ceasefire talks between the Anglophone separatist leaders in jail including Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and Mancho Bibixy with the government.

The idea of sorting out a ceasefire agreement between the government the Anglophone separatists has garnered a lot of support from the grassroots as well as the international community.

Many people are particularly optimistic that this just may be the first step to solving the Anglophone crisis in the two English speaking regions.
Justice Ayah Paul took to his official Facebook page to show his delight in what seemingly to him might be the best thing to happen in Cameroon at these sadly unfortunate moments.

He thinks this should be one of the very few positive things to happen should it prove to be true. “Should there be any veracity in this, it will be a major development: a great step in the right direction” he opines.

“We have all been affirmative that dialogue is ever the inevitable ultimate in all conflicts. Why would anyone refuse, fail or neglect to go for it directly!”

“To say the least, if some of us had been heard, the massacres and the extensive destructions in southern Cameroons would have been averted when we argued strongly that pre-emptive dialogue was the wise road to take anyway, as the saying goes, it is better late than never at all” he noted.

Once again as a way of contributing towards the successful holding of the ceasefire talks, Ayah Paul in his delightful message suggests that for the talks to bear fruits in the shortest run possible, then the negotiations will have to be inclusive in the first place.

Since the imprisoned leaders to some extent have lost influence over the population of the North West and South West regions, it will be wise to consider the fighters on ground and whom the fighters pay allegiance to, including of course the Ambazonian leaders in the Diaspora.

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