Douala body parts trafficking scandal: Nylon district hospital threatens legal action

The Fokou family may soon be in hot water after allegations they made against the Nylon District hospital in Douala.
The family accused the hospital staff of having dismembered the corpse of their deceased family member and threatened to abandon the body at the hospital morgue.

Responding to the allegations in an official communiqué, the hospital says the claims by the family that the body was mutilated were false.

“An examination of the said body was carried out in the presence of the hospital management team, the persons in charge of the family concerned and the police, and it is worth noting that there was no suspicious anomaly” writes the hospital’s communication unit.

“After verbal and written apologies from the head of the family of the deceased, we agreed to let the family continue their mourning to offer the deceased a dignified funeral” the statement adds.

Describing the allegations as “defamatory in nature”, the hospital says it also tarnishes its image.

“The hospital reserves the right to take legal action against anyone who makes unfounded accusations” they warn. It however remains unlikely that the hospital will take any legal action against the family.

Reports of how bodies are dismembered and some organs removed in in mortuaries are not uncommon in Cameroon.
A mortuary attendant had openly confessed on television that it is a lucrative business for them.

Some members of the Fokou family are however, still worried that their late brother’s body is in tact.

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