ENEO explains reason for frequent blackouts in Meiganga

The energy of Cameroon, ENEO has reacted to the recent frequent power cuts that has persisted for close to 1 month now in the town of Meiganga, in the Adamawa region.

In an outing, the energy company said s the population should expect more of such blackouts in within the next two months at least.

The people of Meiganga had complained of being denied without explanation of electricity for 13 whole days.

They have voiced out their grievances saying that the authorities disregarded their worries.

The electricity distribution company has announced the frequent blackouts are as a result of works in progress by ENEO to stabilize the flow of current in Meiganga and its surroundings.

ENEO has equally announced that it has embarked in massive replacement of electric poles that are used to distribute electricity in the town. The old wooden poles are being replaced with better and more resistant and durable built poles. ENEO equally revealed that three different companies; Edauce Elec, Electro-Lead and ECM have been charged with carrying out these different operations for the town of Meiganga.

The operation is largely expected to last for at least 3 months, so the power outages are expected to be unstable for at that period of time.

The population of Meiganga on their part have complained deeply on the inconveniences that the power blackouts have caused them. Students in this area have been left utterly frustrated by the state of affairs in their town.

There are said to be thousands of students in Meiganga who are preparing to write their final examinations in less than 2 months and the lack of steady power supply to assist them at night has only added to their woes.

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