Soldiers invade Ngusi Village, Kill Church timekeeper

While the talk of a major ceasefire negotiation between the Anglophone separatist leaders and the government in the North West and South West region is said to be ongoing, the military forces in the two Anglophone regions, it seems are still not ready to give up on their spree of atrocities against the people of the troubled regions.

Reports coming from Ngusi, Kupe Manengouba in the South West region of Cameroon claim that the village was this morning attacked by the military forces destroying all they met on their path.

A native Ngusi who narrowly escaped the brutality exercised by the government forces revealed their intent on attacking their village. “Those Military guys stormed my Village (Ngusi) again today burning houses and killing” he explained.

“They even killed the Presbyterian Church timekeeper, Ebanji Brice as he woke up at 5am to ring the church bell so people could come for early morning Payers” he recounts.

“The military met him ringing the church bell and killed him right there in front of the Presbyterian Church” the heartbroken native of Ngussi revealed to Mimi Mefo Infos.

The murdered church time keeper hails from Ngie Quarters Ngussi Village in the Tombel subdivision, Kupe Manenguba in the south West region. Our sources say that the military are still in the Village instilling terror upon the villagers.

While Paul Tasong and co are shuffling betweenthe North West and the south West region trying to campaign their plan for the reconstructions of the North West and the south West region, the frequent insurgencies and attack by the military forces will only help in pushing the essence and need for a reconstruction down the drain.

Many already do not believe in the reconstruction of a territory that is in active conflict. What will become of the plan when the people pushing through the agenda are the ones at the heart of the destruction?

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