Geologist debunks rumours of impending Buea mountain eruption

Days back, residents of Buea in the South West region were taken aback when heavy floods left homes and streets inundated.

The dark nature of the runoff brought doubts in the minds of many with some suggesting it was seismic activity.

Geologist-Dr Mafany Teke has however debunked the rumours, stating that it was natural.

Talking to state radio this day, the researcher said the flood was caused by heavy rains that fell on the mountain.

“That is the water that we saw in the municipality” he said. The dark particles of the water he says are volcanic ash from the mountain. The ash he explained, “is black in color.”

This has no “relationship with the seismicity or volcanism of the mountain.”

The mountain last erupted in 2002.MMI

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