Douala 2 to close all markets this Friday March 27

All markets,business centres and shops within Douala 2 municipality are to remain closed throughout Friday March 27th 2020.

The information is contained in a release signed Wednesday March 25th by the mayor of Douala. Denise Fampou mentioned that the decision is part of a measure to fight against the spread of coronavirus pandemic within the municipality.

Despite this, the release fails to mention concrete activities the council intend to carry out on Friday that necessitate the shutting down of all businesses and markets.The council has equally banned the selling of foodstuff displayed on the ground in the markets. This is to maintain a considerable level of hygiene.

Douala 2 is playing host to two prominent markets in Douala like Douala central market and “Marche Nkouloulou” with other affiliate specialed markets.

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