“Government is not serious in resolving the anglophone crisis” CEO One Cameroon TV

One Cameroon TV is to shutdown in the days ahead. In an exclusive telephone interview with Mimi Mefo Info, the CEO of One Cameroon TV says the media house has gone bankrupt.

According to Mua Roland “I have not been able to pay salaries of the workers for over nine months. One Cameroon TV was created to stop separatist activities and to assist president Paul Biya’s vision for an emerging nation 2035.”

“We have been doing all these with money from my pocket. The TV has gone bankrupt because of no support from the government” he adds.

The young Cameroonian who says he is a patriot and an advocate of an indivisible Cameroon points accusing fingers at the presidency and the ministry of communication for failing to offer financial assistance to his media house.

“It is very funny that government has not given us subvention despite what we have been doing to denounce separatist activities. We needed automatically the financial assistance. This has urged me to think that the government of Cameroon is not serious to end the Anglophone crisis. We cannot be doing all these and government is not supporting us”

Mua Roland says separatists fighters are partly succeeding in the war of propaganda because they raise huge sum of money to support their TV channel based in South Africa.

The CEO of One Cameroon TV categorically says “the presidency has money and I have facts that the ministry of communication has been financing some media organs in Cameroon so why not One Cameroon TV that has been persecuted for standing for a one and indivisible Cameroon?” he questions in total frustration.

Questioned on other sources of income of the media organs apart from support from the government, he says “One Cameroon TV was created just to help president Paul Biya and his government so we never had room for adverts”.

Mua Roland further contradicts himself saying he was not expecting money from the government yet blaming the regime for failing to support financially reason why he is shutting down the TV.

He enumerates several of his personal establishments that have been attacked and destroyed by ambazonia boys both in his village in the North West region and in Yaounde for putting in place a media house that counteracts their activities.

He states that the TV was created with a single editorial line of supporting the actions of President Paul Biya and his government reason why journalists of the TV reported nothing contrary to the editorial line. He laments however that his efforts have not been recognized despite all his financial investments to support the president by championing propaganda.

On a governance mistake he thinks his “champion” President Paul Biya has ever made since coming to power in 1982, Mua Roland says the president has been appointing ungrateful and unreliable people in his government over the years. He quotes Marafa Hamidou Yayah, former minister of territorial administration and decentralisation, Chief Inoni Ephrian, former Prime Minister, Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo’o former minister of transport amongst others.

On strategies he will use to pay off workers and shutdown, Mua Roland says “…I have to look for ways to pay them off”.

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