Government plans to reconstruct the Anglophone regions

Three years into the war for the restoration of Ambazonia Statehood, government charts ways of implementing one of the recommendations taken in the course the major national dialogue.In accordance with a resolution to reconstruct burnt and destroyed places in the course of the war in the North West and South West, Prime Minister Dion Ngute met with diplomatic representatives and other international organizations Thursday 5th December 2019.Jean Louis Talon; representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and other international donors expressed the necessity to assist the government of Cameroon in the reconstruction process, a reconstruction drive that some opposition political parties say contradicts the reality on the ground in the North West and South West regions.PM Dion NguteThey argue that the war and violence are still ongoing and therefore do not provide a suitable situation for reconstruction.They call for a ceasefire before any meaning reconstruction process.

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