Government Plays Pontius Pilate, Accuses Amba Boys Of Killing Women, Children In Ngarbuh

Government forces took the world by surprise on February 14 when they raided Ngar village, killing residents and setting their property on fire.

With nine houses burnt to ashes, over 35 deaths were recorded including children and pregnant women.

Like in similar cases of military excesses, government has been mapping plans to blame Ambazonian separatists by linking it to villagers voting on February 9, violating boycott calls.

After maintaining a suspicious silence these past days, government apologist since morning today have flooded Social media with propaganda pictures to shift the blame.

Hours after videos of the bloody incident began making the rounds on social media, government hurriedly took to the defensive, accusing Amba boys of carrying out the massacre.

In an attempt to defend the government, the Divisional Officer of Ndu sub division in the Donga Mantung division pointed accusing fingers at separatist fighters for the killing of the over 30 persons in Ngarbuh- Ntumbaw village at the weekend.

Adamu Shaibu told MMI via telephone Monday that “Amba boys from different camps on the 13th of February 2020 gathered in Ngarbuh in a mission to attack Cameroonians in Ntumbaw village who voted for municipal and legislative elections on the 9th of February. The military got information and decided to attack but aware that the military will attack, the boys ran and the military returned to Ntunbaw without causing any harm. Meanwhile, amba boys had earlier called their colleagues from Bui and Ngokentunjia for re enforcement. The re enforcement team of the amba boys arrived instead in military uniform and that is how their colleague mistook them for the military and fighting started”.

According to the divisional officer of Ndu sub division “Ambazonia boys who arrived in military uniform for reinforcement thought the others have set up a plan to kill them so they responded violently too”.

Questioned on what explains the killing of men, women, children and the burning of houses, the DO said “Ngarbuh is a hub to separatist activities for more than one year now. Separatists and the people buy and store inflammatory things like illicit fuel and gun pounder in their houses so when the separatists were fighting on the night of February 13, many of these things exploded causing the death of many people”.

To the civil administrator, he got all these details following a fact finding mission he sent to the locality.

On the number of deaths recorded, Adamu Shaibu says “I don’t know the number people. The team I sent there arrived when the separatists had buried all those they killed before sending out propaganda messages on the social media accusing the military. How are women and children a threat to the military? The military cannot attack the very people they are there to protect” he adds, sounding confident in the professionalism of the military.

The divisional officer of Ndu says his administration has not taken measures yet to protect the rest of the population but “…the military is in a mission of wiping out terrorists in the locality”.

The statement of the divisional officer of Ndu contradicts earlier testimonies from some people in the area who attest seeing men in military uniforms committing the massacre

The DO of Ndu however assures Mimi Mefo Info that the government spokesperson will in due course issue an official statement on the killings.

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