Government silent as woman from Biya’s region declares ‘war’ on Bamilekes

Yaounde authorities have maintained what is being considered a disturbing silence over dangerous comments made in a viral video by a woman from the South region.

The woman whose identity we are yet to get has in a video against the Bamilekes on social media, called them “dirty pigs”.

Her social media outburst was reportedly triggered by an apparent acquisition of land in the South region by the Bamilekes.

Speaking with so much hate and frustration, she promised every Bamileke in the south region death.

“You Bamilekes who come to our region to buy land are all going to die. You will definitely perish if you ever set foot on our soil again you set of thieves!” she blasted.

The anonymous lady, who concealed her identity by shielding her face with a scarf and a pair of glasses, extended her frustrations to the Head of States, accusing him of sending a corrupt SDO in the region who has done nothing but use his powers to extort land from the population of the South region.

“This is specially addressed to Paul Biya. You sent us a thief in the name of an SDO to come here and extort our lands from us. He has used his powers to put our local chiefs at his mercy, he has insulted us in our own land, he has made fake land titles to give to his fellow Bamilekes in the region because he is an Anglophone… and we say enough is enough and this has to stop at all cost… I say it and I reiterate that war which you all are clamouring for, we will give it to you” she ranted.

“I call the attention of all Bamileke people in possession of any land in our region, we are going to kill you all one after the other… and if you paid anything for those lands, get ready to lose your funds because you won’t get any dime in return” she threatened.

“If it is a coup which you all plotted with Paul Biya to come and seize all our lands from us, then know you have failed, that won’t work … Have it in mind that the southerners have awoken, and all those evil ideas you have in those dirty heads of pigs will go in vain. Know that not a single metre square of land will be lost to anyone of you… we are going to chop off heads. That war will come and in that war, you will be losers. You are all a nomad population… I am calling on our brothers of the south to join me in this fight because blood will flow in this land and the Bamilekes must go back to their region because we’ve had enough of them” she concluded.

This video has garnered enough of talk on social media as to who this mysterious woman may be.

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