Gov’t vs Kamto: Three SCSI Volunteers Arrested for Distributing COVID-19 Prevention Kits In Sangmelima

Weeks back, some six Survie Cameroon Survival Initiative, SCSI volunteers were picked up by the forces of law and order in Yaounde for distributing hygiene kits. They were later held for days before being released.

The chairman of the SCSI management committee, Penda Ekoka announced yesterday that three other volunteers have been arrested. He says they had been peacefully distributing face masks and hydro alcoholic gels to the populations of the city of Sangmelima on Saturday May 23, 2020.

Condemning the act, Penda calls it “police barbarism.”

“SCSI also recalls its six volunteers arbitrarily arrested in the Mokolo Market in Yaoundé… Two other volunteers arrested on May 14, 2020 while filming the departure of their comrades arrested and placed in police custody,” he says.

“The only crime of all these young humanitarian volunteers is to have helped their compatriots confronted with COVID-19,” Penda laments.

Citing the rapid increase in the number of COVID-19 cases recorded in the country, he says “the arrest of young volunteers who sacrificed their time to distribute preventive products to their compatriots is more than immoral”.

The SCSI leaders after being interrogated by government days back told the press they were not going to stop their activities.

This was followed by more distribution of COVID-19 prevention kits in other towns across the country.

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