Health workers condemn attack on St. Blaise Catholic Hospital Ambulance

An ambulance belonging to St. Blaise Catholic Hospital, Big Mankon Bamenda, Archdiocese of Bamenda came under serious attack this Monday, September 2, 2019.

An anonymous source has recounted that the bus which was returning from a mission of saving a patient’s life was reportedly shot around the Akum Catholic Church Hill.

“The driver testifies that bullets were rained down at him from a concealed location beside the council market hill,” the source who refused to be named said.

“The driver only had to escape for his dear life,” he added.

He continued that: “The said ambulance transported a patient from St. Mary Hospital, Ntarikon, Bamenda to Douala on Saturday August 31, 2019 for further treatment. On coming back and reaching the incident area this morning of 02/09/2019 unidentified gun men shot at the Ambulance repeatedly,” he said.

Our source was sure it was a targeted attack.
“Unfortunately, the driver couldn’t spot any for he had to escape for his dear life. The bullet wounds on the Ambulance are telling of the degree of intent to cause harm”.

Protecting patients and health workers is a right

Our source expantiated on how important it is to protect and spare hospitals during conflict.

Hear him: “Ambulances, Medical institutions besides Pharmacies are supposed to be PROTECTED IN TIMES OF CRISES. This a War Crime, needing investigation. No to any targeted shooting of hospital ambulances amidst this lock down,” he stressed.”

Health workers are among those who have condemned the attack.

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