Heavy Casualties Recorded As Military Storms Ngar, At Least 25 Killed

Several persons have been reported dead in Ngar, a remote village in Ndu subdivision, in the North West region.

Soldiers are said to have stormed the area earlier today, shooting over 25 inhabitants to death. “They came from left Ndu and Tatum, storming the locality as early as 6:00AM accompanied by government sponsored vigilante group members who accompanied them throughout the mission,” a source said.

While a lot of uncertainty still remains as to the cause of the action, it is first time in several months, Ngar is witnessing such mass killings of civilians by soldiers.

A source said: “a pregnant woman was stabbed as well, she was rushed to the hospital, but she could not make it as she was pierced in the stomach”.

“We cannot tell what prompted the killing,” a witness says.The past months have been marked by a series of violent outbursts between several communities in the North West region already plagued by the Anglophone crisis that has left thousands dead.

The number of refugees fleeing the violence from villages has risen over the past weeks with some going as far as Nigeria.

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